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If you believe that you have been a victim of a driver who was texting, our highly-trained team of accident lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve. You stand to benefit a lot by simply hiring our Macon texting while driving accident lawyers. We can help you get;

  • Compensation for any injuries you may have sustained due to the texting driver (medical expenses).
  • Compensation for any losses you may have incurred due to the texting driver (property damage).
  • Compensation for lost income.
  • Damages for pain and suffering.
  • In cases involving fatalities, victims and their families may qualify for wrongful death compensation.

Don’t let a reckless or careless driver deny you the compensation you deserve. Contact Bethune Law Firm today if you are looking for a skilled and experienced car accident attorney.

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Georgia Laws against Texting and Driving

Georgia Law currently prohibits texting and driving, as well as engaging in any other form of electronic distraction while on the road. O.C.G.A. 40-6-241. Texting covers all activities related to reading, writing, or sending a message. Drivers are also prohibited from engaging in any other form of electronic or digital communication, watching videos, or surfing the internet while behind the wheel.

If you have been hit by a driver who was texting while driving, call Bethune Law Firm today.

How Texting Can Affect Your Driving

Texting while driving falls under a type of reckless driving known as Distracted Driving. In 2018, the state of Georgia established that texting or using/holding a cellphone while driving can distract a driver and hinder them from undertaking their core mandate which is driving or operating a vehicle.

Studies have shown that texting increases the risk of a road accident occurring by up to 23 times. Georgia law prohibits drivers from having a cell phone in their palms or holding it with any part of their body while stopped at a traffic light or while driving. This law is meant to ensure that a driver remains alert and focused while on a public road or highway.

How Can You Prove The Other Driver Caused an Accident Because of Texting?

Rarely do drivers who have caused accidents due to texting while driving admit to their reckless behavior. This means that victims must prove that the other driver caused the accident because they were texting while driving. There are various methods that an accident victim and their lawyers can employ to ascertain that a driver was using their cell phone;

  • Subpoena for the cell phone records of the driver, including any and all cell phones registered in the driver’s name.
  • Use the driver’s call and text message log to prove that they were using their phone while driving.
  • Depose the driver under oath.
  • Request electronic data from the driver’s car. Data that shows poor steering or failure to hit the brakes can be used as proof of distracted driving.
  • Collect witness statements from other road users who may have seen the at-fault driver using their phone.
  • Request video from surveillance and traffic cameras if there are any.

Contact a Macon texting while driving accident lawyer with Bethune Law Firm.

As you can tell, there are many ways to prove that a driver caused an accident because they were texting and driving so there is no reason for you to despair.

How Long do I Have to File a Claim?

As with many other auto accidents and personal negligence claims, victims are time-bound as to how long they can wait before filing a claim. At Bethune Law Firm, we always advise our clients to file texting and driving accident claims as soon as possible.

Wasting as little time as possible greatly improves your chances of winning your claim and getting compensation.

Why do I Need a Lawyer?

An attorney can help your claim if you were in an accident with a driver who was texting thanks to experience with:

Preparing a Case and Filing a Lawsuit

Have you ever filed a lawsuit before? If not, you should really consider hiring a trained and experienced lawyer to do it for you. Even if you have some knowledge or information on how to do it, only experienced accident lawyers are familiar with the intricate details and requirements of filing a lawsuit. A lawyer can help you prepare and present a valid legal case and argument for you.

Settlement Negotiation

A lawyer can also help you in settlement negotiation in the event the at-fault driver or their insurance company admits liability. Settlement negotiations are usually influenced by various factors that only experienced lawyers are privy to. It’s highly advisable to go to these negotiations with a skilled and experienced negotiator.

Preparation and Representation

In some instances, your case may go through the pretrial and negotiation stages, and thereby proceed to trial. If this happens, you’ll need a competent and experienced accident lawyer to represent you physically in court.

How Much Will a Lawyer Cost?

At Bethune Law Firm, we believe in first and foremost getting our clients the justice and compensation they deserve. This belief forms the core of our legal work and we know that we would be nowhere as a law firm if not for our clients. For this reason, we do not charge our clients any retainer for texting and driving claims. We charge a simple contingency fee based on the success of your case and your rightful compensation.

Contact a Macon Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer Today

Texting is currently one of the leading causes of accidents in Macon and the state of Georgia at large. Texting impairs a driver’s cognitive, manual, and visual attention. At any given moment, about 700,000 U.S drivers are using their cell phones while driving. This is both wrong and illegal and leads to many avoidable crashes and accidents.

Although texting and driving accident cases may be difficult to prosecute, cell phone records can be subpoenaed to assist in the accident investigation. A simple text time-stamp can be what’s standing between you and a handsome compensation. Remember, you can seek compensation for;

  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Damage
  • Lost Income
  • Emotional Pain and Suffering
  • Wrongful Death

So, if you have been involved in an accident where a driver was texting while behind the wheel, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury attorneys.

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