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The devastation of speeding auto accidents often leads to innocent people suffering severe injuries ranging from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) to broken bones, and more. Due to the severity of injuries associated with speeding accidents, survivors frequently require extensive surgeries and extensive medical care, treatment, and rehabilitation during a time they may not be able to resume their work.

If another motorist broke the law by speeding and caused an accident that resulted in your injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one, they should bear the consequences and compensate you for your injuries, pain, and other losses. That’s precisely why you owe it to yourself and your family to find out what Georgia laws entitle you to recover as compensation. As such, a Macon speeding accident lawyer can be an invaluable partner in your pursuit of the compensation owed to you.

With 20 years of experience, car accident attorney Terrence R. Bethune can advocate for you and your family and help you obtain the much-needed compensation for your speeding accident claim as you focus on rebuilding your life. Please contact the Bethune Law Firm about your speeding case by calling us at 4048757800 as soon as you’re able.

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How Does Speeding Increase Chances Of An Auto Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is among the fatal causes of catastrophic auto accidents in Georgia with speeding being recorded as the primary cause of 17% of road fatalities across Georgia.

However, these numbers under-emphasize the toll that speeding accidents take on American lives every year. Vehicle speeds affect both the risk of accident involvement and the severity of auto accidents. Speed is a significant factor in catastrophic crashes.

Below are the three main ways speeding increase the chances of crashes:

Speeding Increases The Braking Distance

The faster a vehicle moves, the more distance it will require to put the car to a complete stop in an emergency, so the driver in the speeding car is more likely to crash.

Speeding Increases Risk Of Losing Vehicle Control

The second way that speeding increases the chances of a crash is that it increases the risk of losing control of an automobile. At high speeds, vehicles become more difficult to maneuver – especially on curves, corners, and or where the driver must engage in evasive action.

Speeding Reduces The Driver’s Reaction Time

Speeding also reduces the driver’s reaction time. If a driver is speeding, in case of an emergency, he or she will have little to no time to react, making it next to impossible for speeding drivers to take any action and prevent potential accidents.

Combining the above factors rapidly drives up the risk of getting involved in a crash and suffering fatal injuries or death.

How Can I Prove That A Motorist Was Speeding When They Hit Me?

Many times, if the at-fault driver was pulled over for speeding, they will admit fault for the speeding accident. Sadly, law enforcement doesn’t catch all speeding drivers – and if the driver was not stopped for speeding, proving fault could be quite tricky.

That means if a speeding motorist hit you, and if he or she was not stopped for speeding before the crash, it can’t be proved, right? That is far from the truth. Plenty of vital evidence is left behind after a speeding accident to prove that the other driver’s speeding was, in fact, a factor in both the crash and the increased severity of it.

Below are a few ways your lawyer can establish that an at-fault driver was, in fact, speeding immediately before your accident:

  • Eyewitnesses
  • Police reports
  • Onboard video from dashcams
  • GPS data
  • Physical evidence at the scene, such as road debris, skid marks on the road, and car damage from the accident

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What Is The Deadline For Making A Speeding Auto Accident Claim In Georgia?

If you have suffered injuries or experienced the pain of a loved one’s wrongful death because of a speed-related accident in Georgia, you have two years from the crash date to file your accident claim. Failure to lodge your claim within the set time limit could bar you from pursuing compensation after a speeding accident.

Why Do I Need A Speeding Accident Lawyer?

If you suffered an injury in an auto accident or a family member died as a result of a speed-related accident, our experienced Macon speeding accident lawyer can help you in three crucial ways, which include:

Case Preparation

Assessing the value of your speeding accident claim, gathering crucial evidence, establishing negligence and proving fault, and more importantly, lodging your claim within the set time limits.

Settlement Negotiation

Holding insurance companies and liable parties accountable to obtain fair and maximum compensation.

Case Preparation & Representation

Fight for your fair compensation in court if negotiations with insurance companies of the at-fault party fall through.

After a speed-related accident, everything may be upended as you seek medical care and treatment and struggle with insurers and police reports. You may not be able to resume work, and household bills go unpaid. That’s precisely why you must seek professional legal help. Our speeding accident lawyers will fight your legal battles and take care of all complicated issues that may crop up in the aftermath of your accident.

How Much Will A Speeding Accident Lawyer In Macon, GA, Cost?

The Bethune Law Firm’s core values are professionalism, commitment, personalized service, and continuous improvement. Our initial consultations are 100% free. There’s no cost or obligation, and if you choose us, we take your injury case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you only pay our legal fees if we get a favorable outcome for your speeding accident case.

Talk To an Experienced Macon Speeding Accident Lawyer For Free

The shock and trauma resulting from an auto accident involving speeding can change lives forever. As you or your family member work to overcome the physical, emotional, and financial challenges, handling the accident’s legal aspect can seem daunting. But don’t give up just yet!

If you or a loved one were hurt in a speed-related crash in Macon, we invite you to speak with the Bethune Law Firm. Our Macon auto accident lawyer has dedicated his career to fighting for the right of car accident victims who have been hurt by the recklessness or negligence of other drivers. We can, and want to work on your accident claim; call us at 4048757800 today! We can help you.

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