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Speeding accidents in Atlanta have caused serious injuries and even death to numerous victims. The force of impact in a speeding accident is high. When you are behind the wheel, you rely on the other drivers on the road to use reasonable care to avoid collisions. But drivers who speed neglect this duty of care and put themselves and the others on the road in danger. When you are injured due to the negligence of a speeding driver, Georgia law allows you to claim compensation for your damages.

Proving negligence of the responsible party in a speeding car accident in Atlanta is quite complicated and requires the intervention of a professional Atlanta speeding accident lawyer. When you are looking for a reliable Atlanta speeding accident lawyer to handle your personal injury case, you don’t have to look further than Bethune Law Firm. We are a trusted name in Atlanta, Georgia for all your auto accident lawsuits. Call a personal injury lawyer at 4048757800 today to handle your speeding accident lawsuit.

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Speeding Causes Thousands of Accidents Yearly

Speed is a contributing factor in many accidents. Georgia Department of Public Health data reveals that there are nearly 10,000 accidents per year, on average, that involve vehicles either exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions, making speeding a leading cause of Georgia accidents. Drivers who unnecessarily endanger the lives of other motorists by speeding can be held liable for the injuries they cause.

How Does Speeding Increase Chances Of Causing An Accident?

Speeding includes excess speed (driving above the legal limits of speed) and inappropriate speed (driving too fast for the prevailing conditions). In fact, both these types of speeding can increase the chances of causing an accident as well as the severity of traffic crashes. As the speed of a vehicle increases, so does the reaction distance and braking distance.

The reaction distance is the distance traveled during the driver’s reaction time, and the braking distance is the distance required to stop the vehicle in an emergency. The higher the speed of the vehicle, the greater the amount of moving or kinetic energy that needs to be absorbed during a crash. Hence, speeding is identified as a causal factor responsible for over 40% of fatal crashes as well as an aggravating factor when considering the severity of all crashes.

A driver traveling at faster speeds has less time between spotting and reacting to a hazard. Hence, the speeding driver is more likely to crash than a driver that travels at normal speed. The kinetic energy increases as you speed. There is more kinetic energy to be absorbed in a crash involving a vehicle that travels at a faster speed. Hence, the greater the potential for injury to vehicle occupants, the faster the vehicle travels.

If you have been injured by a speeding driver in Atlanta, contact the Bethune Law Firm.

In addition to the occupants of the vehicle, the roads in Atlanta are used by many users including pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists. All road users are vulnerable to injury or death if hit by a speeding vehicle. Numerous studies have shown the connection between speeding vehicles and the increased risk of death of a pedestrian, bicycle rider, motorcycle rider, or baby in a pram.

When you or someone in your family is seriously injured due to a high-speed auto accident in Atlanta, you need to hire a reliable speeding accident lawyer to handle your case. Bethune Law is your trusted partner in representing your personal injury case in courts. Our expert team can negotiate with the insurance provider of the at-fault party to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

If the insurance company isn’t willing to offer the rightful compensation that you are legally entitled to, we will take your case to trial to protect our rights and get the maximum benefits for you. That’s why you need to rely on Bethune Law Firm for all your speeding accident lawsuits in Atlanta, GA.

How Can I Prove The Motorist Was Speeding When They Hit Me?

There are many ways to prove that the at-fault party was driving fast at the time of the accident in which you or your family member was injured. A reliable personal injury attorney from Bethune Law can help you collect the necessary evidence to prove the negligence of the at-fault driver. Here are some of the most effective ways to prove that the at-fault party was speeding just before the accident:

  • Onboard video from dash cameras – Many drivers use dashcam recorders that may record the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash.
  • GPS data – While GPS data may not directly prove the speeding of the vehicle involved in the crash, it can show that a driver couldn’t have driven between two waypoints without exceeding the speed limit.
  • Data collected from onboard electronic devices – Modern vehicles are equipped with electronic devices that record everything while the vehicle is in operation.
  • Eyewitnesses – An experienced speeding accident lawyer knows how to interview eyewitnesses to get an idea if the at-fault driver was speeding at the time of the crash.

How Do You Prove a Speeding Driver Is Liable?

A person injured by a speeding driver has a legal right to file a negligence lawsuit as a means to collect compensation for their injuries. To win a negligence lawsuit, a person injured by a speeding driver must prove:

  • The speeding driver owed a duty to the plaintiff;
  • The speeding driver breached his duty; and
  • The speeding driver’s actions were a proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

Mirror view of speeding car

All drivers on Georgia roads owe a duty to their fellow drivers to drive reasonably while behind the wheel. A driver who speeds, either intentionally or because of distraction, has breached this duty and broken the law. If a speeding driver causes an accident that injures another driver or other passengers, the speeding driver will be liable to the injured parties.

A speeding driver may also expose himself to liability from a negligence per se lawsuit. This is another legal theory the injured party may plead in a lawsuit against a speeding driver. Generally speaking, a negligence per se lawsuit assumes the defendant is negligent if he has broken a safety-related law, such as speeding. The plaintiff must then prove that her injuries were caused, at least in part, by the speeding driver’s actions.

How Long Do I Have To Make An Auto Accident Claim In Georgia?

Georgia has a law called the “statute of limitations.” This law will limit the time an injured victim has to file a personal injury lawsuit in court seeking compensation from the at-fault party. The time window to file your personal injury case in Atlanta GA is two years. The two-year period begins on the date of the accident and ends two calendar years later.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

The at-fault party’s insurance company will try to minimize your claim by employing the best lawyers in the industry to represent its case. That’s why you need to work with the best personal injury lawyers in Atlanta to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Bethune Law Firm is your trusted partner to obtain the necessary data to recreate the accident scene and prove that the at-fault party was speeding when they hit you. We have extensive experience in taking injury cases to trial when insurance companies don’t agree to pay the full compensation you are entitled to.

How Much Will a Speeding Accident Lawyer Cost?

A speeding accident lawyer at Bethune Law works on a contingency fee basis where you pay nothing unless we win the case for you. You need to pay a percentage of the award of compensation you receive when our car accident lawyers are successful at proving your case.

Contact an Atlanta Speeding Accident Lawyer Today

Speeding is a major cause of accidents that result in serious injuries and even death to motorists and pedestrians in Atlanta. When you are severely injured in a speeding accident due to the negligence of another driver, you can claim compensation from the at-fault party. Bethune Law is your trusted partner in Atlanta to represent your case and obtain maximum compensation. Call Bethune Law Firm at 4048757800 today to handle your speeding accident lawsuit in Atlanta GA.

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