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When you or someone in your family is involved in a truck accident in Peachtree City and injured as a result, you can claim compensation for your damages from the responsible party. Georgia’s truck accident laws are quite complicated. You should hire the best Peachtree City truck accident lawyer to handle your case and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Bethune Law Firm is a trusted name in Peachtree City, Georgia when it comes to handling different types of personal injury claims including truck accidents. Terrence R. Bethune, Esq. is the founding partner of The Bethune Law Firm. His practice is devoted to representing victims who have been seriously injured or killed by the negligence of truck drivers in GA. Mr. Bethune has helped thousands of highly satisfied clients recover millions of dollars on their behalf within the last twelve months alone.

The team of auto accident lawyers at Bethune Law is highly experienced in representing victims who are seriously injured or killed due to truck accidents in Peachtree City GA. Call Bethune Law Firm at 4048757800 right now to handle your truck accident claim and get compensated for your injuries.

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What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

Being involved in a truck accident is quite a stressful incident. Many victims don’t know what to do soon after an accident. Doing the wrong thing can affect the outcome of your truck accident lawsuit. That’s why you need to know what steps to take soon after an accident in Peachtree City, GA. Here is what you need to do soon after a truck accident in Peachtree City GA.

  • Medical assistance – Seek medical assistance even if you are not seriously injured as a result of the accident. The victim may not feel any pain due to an adrenaline rush and confusion. You need to retain all the medical records and bills to prove that you sustained injuries as a result of the accident.
  • Call the police and report the incident – You should obtain a copy of the police report to facilitate filing your personal injury case later on.
  • Help others who are injured – If you are not seriously injured, try to help any other victim of the accident.
  • Take photos of the accident – This is important to prove who was at fault for the accident.
  • Exchange important information with the other party – Exchange information such as driver’s license, insurance, and contact details with the other party involved in the accident. Get the names and contact details of all witnesses to the scene.
  • Contact a truck accident lawyer in Peachtree City GA – Call a qualified truck accident lawyer at Bethune Law to handle your case. Never admit fault for the truck accident without first consulting with the personal injury lawyer.

How A Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

A truck accident lawyer is a professional who specializes in handling truck accident cases. Truck accident laws are complex and require professional interpretation most of the time. Your lawyer can help you by:

  • Investigating and evaluating your case.
  • Collecting all the evidence and filing a strong case on your behalf.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company of the at-fault party to get you the maximum benefits for your injuries.
  • Take your case to trial if the insurance company fails to offer the rightful compensation you deserve.

Review your claim with our Peachtree City truck accident lawyers.

What Type of Compensation Can You Recover?

You can recover three types of damages in a truck accident in Peachtree City:

Economic damages include past/present/future medical bills, physical therapy, in-house nursing care, lost wages, and loss of quality of life. Economic compensation is very easy to calculate and assign a dollar value.

Non-economic compensation includes emotional counseling, mental distress, loss of companionship, potential lost earnings, and pain/suffering. They are somewhat difficult to calculate and assign a dollar value.

Punitive compensation is awarded in rare cases when the defendant has been extremely reckless in his/her behavior. Punitive damages help deter other drivers from behaving in a similar manner.

Is There a Deadline in Georgia for Your Claim?

Yes, the statute of limitations in Georgia is two years. You should file the personal injury claim within two years from the date of your injuries to avoid this deadline.

How is Fault Determined in a Truck Accident in GA?

Georgia practices comparative negligence where each party involved in the accident could claim compensation for their damages. The judge or jury will determine the amount of compensation due for each party based on the involvement of each party. If you are found to be 20% responsible for the accident, you will receive only 80% of the amount. Here are the four elements that need to be proved to obtain compensation for your injuries.

  • The truck driver had a duty of care
  • He or she breached the duty of care
  • The accident was caused as a result of his/her breach
  • The victim was injured as a result of the incident and not due to anything else

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Truck Accident?

Different parties are held liable for a truck accident based on their involvement in causing the accident.

  • The driver – Distracted, speeding, and drivers who were under the influence are responsible for causing the accident.
  • Truck manufacturers – If a faulty spare part in the truck caused the accident, the truck manufacturers are responsible.
  • Trucking companies – If maintenance was the cause of the accident, trucking companies can be held responsible for operating poorly maintained and unsafe vehicles.
  • Loading company – If the loading company is found to have overloaded the truck beyond its weight capacity, they can be held responsible for the accident.

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When you are involved in an accident in Peachtree City GA and injured as a result, you can claim damages from the responsible party. You need to hire the best personal injury lawyer in Peachtree City to handle your case. Call Bethune Law Firm at 4048757800 right now to handle your truck accident claim and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

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