Who May be Liable in an Atlanta Truck Accident?

Atlanta truck accidents are usually painful experiences. This is because the size and weight of trucks make truck crashes worse than other vehicle collisions. Therefore, after such accidents, recovering financial compensation is crucial because of the heavy bills that often follow.

Unfortunately, many people believe that only truck drivers can be liable for accidents. This is because they don’t know that there are many other possible fault parties. Therefore, it’ll be best to hire a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta if you’ve been in a truck collision. A great attorney can help you identify the party responsible for your injuries and financial losses.

Five Possible At-Fault Parties in Atlanta Truck Crashes

Below are people you can sue after a truck accident.

  • The Truck Driver

When investigating a truck accident, the first party to look to is the trucker. Moreover, Georgia is an at-fault accident state. Clearly, truck drivers are generally the most likely to cause accidents. However, liability is usually only in circumstances where the driver was negligent or reckless.

For instance, this would include cases where the driver was on their phone or overspeeding. Furthermore, if the driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they’ll be responsible. If your truck accident can prove any of these possibilities, the truck driver will bear the damages.

  • The Trucking Company

The trucking company’s liability isn’t as straightforward as the driver’s. Firstly, this is because their liability sometimes depends on their contract with the trucker. For instance, it’ll be easier for the company to be liable for the actions of their full-time drivers. However, it’ll be more challenging if the trucker is an independent contractor.

Generally, though, trucking companies have to exercise care while employing drivers. For example, they must employ only truckers with valid driving licenses. Furthermore, trucking corporations also have to train their drivers continuously. Yet again, a company can only release its drivers for limited weekly hours. Therefore, if a trucking company breaches any of these responsibilities, it may be liable for an eventual accident.

  • Cargo Loaders

Who would have thought that even truck loaders can be liable for accidents? However, this liability is because of the crucial nature of their function. Every truck has a cargo limit. So, shippers and loaders shouldn’t load the truck beyond this weight cap. If they do, the extra weight can cause significant accidents.

Furthermore, the truck loaders must also ensure that they properly secure loads. If they don’t, a spillover accident may be inevitable. Therefore, whenever a trucking accident occurs because of the loader’s error in both responsibilities, they may be liable.

  • The Truck Manufacturer

A truck builder could be liable if your crash was because of a manufacturing defect. Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are fit for the road. Therefore, if there was an inherent defect in the truck straight from the factory, the maker will be liable. This claim will fall under product liability.

Examples of possible defective parts include seat belts, airbags, tires, gas tanks, etc. Furthermore, if the company knew of the product’s fault and did nothing, this increases their liability. Finally, it’s noteworthy that proving a faulty truck system may be challenging. So, your attorney will require expert witness testimonies.

  • Third-Party Road Users

All the parties above may be free from liability in some cases. Truck drivers aren’t even always responsible for crashes on the road. In some cases, other road users may be liable for a truck collision. For instance, imagine a passenger vehicle wrongly overtaking a truck.

Now, the trucker may have to swerve to the side to prevent hitting the erring driver. So, if they swerved into your lane to avoid the other driver, they’ll not be in the wrong. Instead, you may have to proceed against the driver of the small vehicle.

Finally, it’s essential to note that liability doesn’t always have to rest on single individuals. More than one of the parties above can be responsible for a crash.

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If you have been in an Atlanta truck accident, you may be eligible for damages. However, proving the responsible party may be challenging. Therefore, you need the best truck accident lawyers in Atlanta. An experienced attorney can investigate and determine who to proceed against.

Surely, it’ll thus help to speak to an attorney early. The lawyers at Bethune Law Firm have represented many truck accident victims. We’ve gathered all the necessary experience to discover the fault party in truck crashes in the process. Consequently, if you engage our services, we’ll use this experience to your benefit. So, why not call our law offices today?