Fiery Motor Vehicle Accident in Franklin County Leaves One Person Severely Injured

One person suffered severe injuries following a fiery accident in Franklin County. The crash happened on Tuesday morning, August 11th. A news report disclosed that failure to yield contributed to the accident.

The report placed the accident in Franklin County on Interstate 85. It stated that Georgia State Patrol revealed that a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) was southbound on the interstate in the emergency lane when it failed to yield while merging into the right lane. Simultaneously, a tractor-trailer traveled southbound in the right lane.

The tractor-trailer then struck the CMV with its front. The collision impact sent the trailer into the right median, where it caught fire. Household chemicals being transported caught fire, but it was contained at the accident scene. The crash happened around mile marker 170.

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of unnatural deaths in the United States. Accidents happen for various reasons, but it is rooted in the negligence of drivers and other road users. Common causes of traffic collisions include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, mechanical defects, etc.

When a road accident happens, it is crucial to determine the fault party and the victim. To do this, investigators look at evidence from the crash site, accident reconstruction experts’ reports, witness statements, and video footage, if any. Once the investigators determine the fault driver, two things happen.

The investigators will recommend a criminal charge to the District Attorney’s office if there’s a death, and the fault party can bring a civil action for compensation. For the latter, the victim needs the expertise of an expert accident attorney.

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