One Killed in Two-Vehicle Collision in Athens

A two-vehicle collision in Athens killed one person and left three others with different degrees of injuries. The accident happened during the early hours of Sunday, August 15th. The cause of the two-vehicle collision in Athens is not known, but one vehicle turned at an intersection and crashed into another.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, officers responded to the intersection of Vincent Drive and Acadia Drive at about 4:30 a.m. The location is near the Holland Sports Complex. The preliminary inquiry by the police uncovered that a 2005 Toyota Tacoma traveled north on Acadia when it crashed into a 2007 Toyota Tacoma headed east.

The 2005 Tacoma driver, 27-year-old Juan Trigueros-Garcia, sustained fatal injuries from the collision. A passenger in the vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries, and medics conveyed them to a local hospital for treatment. The two occupants of the 2007 Toyota sustained non-life-threatening injuries and also received treatment at the local hospital.

The Athens-Clarke County police said this is the 14th fatal traffic accident in the county this year. The investigation into the occurrence is ongoing.

Accident investigations are a crucial part of determining who the fault party is in a case. When a crash happens, the investigating authority examines the involved cars, point of contact, witness statements, and video footage. They will also look at the accident reconstruction experts’ reports. Once they identify the fault party, the victim can bring a personal injury claim against them.

The claim goes before the fault party’s insurance carrier, and if it succeeds, the victim gets monetary compensation. If it doesn’t, the victim files a personal injury lawsuit. Succeeding at both requires an excellent car accident lawyer.

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