What Happens After You Get a Judgment Against the Other Driver?

The reason you sue somebody after a car accident is so that you be compensated for your losses. Your Atlanta accident lawyer will make sure you proceed with post-judgment execution. Your attorney will be just as diligent in collecting your judgment amount as they were in handling your car accident lawsuit.

A Judgment May Not Be Worth More Than the Paper It’s Printed On

One of the frustrating things about suing somebody is that you may never get a dime. It’s better to pursue the auto insurance company. They’re more likely to pay or settle the claim than the driver. Your Atlanta accident lawyer is going to continue to try to settle your case.

If you don’t get paid, your attorney doesn’t get paid. It’s in everyone’s best interest to get the matter resolved a quickly as possible. If this means you take a bit less than you originally wanted, it’s worth considering.

Look to See if the Defendant Has Any Assets

Once you have secured a judgment against the defendant, your goal is to get that judgment paid. You can do this if the defendant has real property. If they do, you can file a lien against their home. If they attempt to sell their property or get a loan against it, your judgment will have to be paid in full first.

You can also check to see if they have boats, rental properties or other valuable assets that can be used to pay your judgment. Your Atlanta accident lawyer will help you do this. Once the money is recovered, your attorney will get their percentage and the rest will go to you, as long as all other debts related to the crash have been paid.

You Can Still Settle a Judgment

Just because you already have a judgment against the other driver, that doesn’t mean you can’t settle your case. Once you have a judgment against someone, the goal is to get it paid. The odds of someone having a lump sum of cash enough to pay off your judgment are slim.

However, if you’re willing to settle for less than the full amount, they may be willing to do that. Your Atlanta accident lawyer will talk to you about what amount you feel comfortable settling for. Once they have this target figure, they can get in touch with the defendant and try to resolve the case.

Your Atlanta Accident Lawyer Can Help with Post-Judgment Execution

Getting a judgment against the other driver is just the start of the recovery process. If the judgment was filed against the driver and their insurance company, then the adjuster should arrange for payment within thirty (30) days.

If the defendant had no insurance, you’ll need to go after their personal assets. The problem with this is that the kind of people who would drive without insurance are not the kind of people who have a ton of assets.

You may find out that the other driver has no real property. If that’s the case, a property lien won’t help you all that much. Your Atlanta accident lawyer will have to look at other forms of post-judgment execution to get you paid. Since each case is unique, your attorney will have to review your case before they go any further.

This can be done by calling our office and setting up a time to meet. When you come to your first meeting, you should bring any and all documentation with you. Your lawyer will need this information to handle your case properly.

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