Another Atlanta ATV Accident Kills Young Woman

A mother in Atlanta demanded justice this week for her daughter who was killed several weeks ago. She died in another Atlanta ATV accident. Ericka Gibson said her daughter was riding an off-road vehicle 6 weeks ago in Atlanta with a friend. A man was driving the ATV and the victim, Niani Gibson, was on the back.

Apparently, it had been the victim’s first time ever riding on an ATV. Nobody has offered the identity of the person who was driving the ATV at the time of the Atlanta ATV accident. However, the accident was captured on video.

The ATV was at the intersection of Metropolitan Parkway and St. John’s Avenue when it hit another vehicle. The reports have not indicated if the other driver was injured in the crash. The young woman, Niani Gibson was thrown from the ATV. According to reports, the victim was lying in the street bleeding when the driver took off.

Because ATV and off-road vehicles are not required to carry a license plate in Georgia, the cops are having a difficult time identifying the driver. As the police explained, had the driver been in a car, they would’ve been able to get the license plate number from the video. They could then trace ownership of the car back to that plate number. In this case, they don’t have the benefit of tracking the hit and run driver down that way.

The victim’s mother is demanding justice for her daughter. She wants the police to find the man who did this to her child. She is also asking that the law be changed to keep these vehicles off the street. If they are allowed to mix with traffic, they need to be operated safely.

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