Rear-End Accident in Gwinnett County Leaves 1 Dead and 4 Injured

A rear-end accident in Gwinnett County led to several people injured along with one fatality.

The police in Gwinnett County received an emergency call at about 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. It was the afternoon of June 11, and they were called to an accident scene on Interstate-85. As soon as they got there, they realized they would need to shut down the lanes in both the Northbound and Southbound lanes, as the rear-end accident in Gwinnett County scattered cars in both directions.

Apparently, from the few witnesses who were there, the accident started when a motorcycle rear-ended an SUV in the Northbound lanes. According to the people on the scene, the motorcycle had been speeding prior to smashing into the back of the SUV.

After hitting the truck, the rider was ejected from the bike. Both he and the motorcycle went flying over the wall into the Southbound lanes. Both the bike and the driver ended up on top of a pickup truck that was driving in the Southbound lanes.

The police have confirmed that the man driving the motorcycle was 36-year-old Richard Moore Hardison from Duluth, Georgia. He was taken to the nearest hospital but, sadly, passed away from his injuries. The man driving the SUV that Hardison initially rear-ended was treated at the scene and released.

There were 4 people in the pickup truck at the time the motorcycle landed on top of it. All 4 of them were hurt. They were taken to the hospital with what were described as non-life-threatening injuries.

Aside from reported speeding, the authorities are not sure what caused the crash. The investigation is still ongoing. The names of the other victims haven’t been released. However, they may have a possible claim against Hardison’s insurance company and his estate, if any.

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