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Truck accidents can be particularly devastating causing permanent injury or even death.  It is imperative you have an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side fighting for you.  Contact the Fort Valley personal injury lawyers at the Bethune Law Firm for a Free Consultation.  We have represented Georgia’s injured for over 20 years.

Driving around Fort Valley, the county seat of Peach County in the state of Georgia, you’re likely used to seeing trucks all the time on the roads around you. These big rigs bring in the goods necessary for a comfortable life in this corner of the world. They also help the local economy by carrying out goods made locally to sell in other places. Most of the time, you don’t give these trucks a second thought, but if you get involved in an accident with one, your life can change in an instant.

The damage a truck can do to a passenger vehicle can be catastrophic, leaving passengers in those vehicles seriously injured or even dead. Injuries from truck accidents might be immediately evident or manifest themselves later, but they can leave survivors incapacitated to the point of not being able to work or enjoy life anymore. Fortunately, you can get compensation for your accident to handle everything from medical bills to lost income.

If you think you’re entitled to such compensation, call us at 1-800-465-8733 to see what the Fort Valley truck accident lawyers of Bethune Law Firm can do for you. At the very least, keep reading to find out more about all of this.

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Truck Accident Statistics In Georgia

Traffic fatalities happen in Georgia at nearly 10 percent more than the national rate. Also, 1 in 6 fatalities happens in truck accidents. On top of that, rural roadways are more dangerous than urban areas.

What Should You Do After A Truck Accident?

After a truck accident, taking these steps can greatly help your claim:

  • Call 911: Even if no one is hurt, you’ll need a police report documenting the accident scene.
  • Help Others: Make sure you’re okay, then check your own passengers, and then check on anyone in other vehicles or nearby pedestrians.
  • Exchange Info: Swap contact and insurance information with the other driver.
  • Document the Scene, Speak with Witnesses: Start gathering up any and all evidence you can while it’s fresh. Your case may hinge on it.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Even if you feel okay that day or night, get looked over by a medical professional as soon as you can. Failing to do so can void your case, and some injuries don’t show up immediately.
  • Contact an Attorney: Your on-scene work can start a strong case, but you need a legal professional to carry the torch from there.

What should you do after a Georgia Truck accident?

What Are Georgia Laws In Regards To Truck Accident Liability?

Georgia is considered one of the ‘at-fault’ state in regards to liability in vehicle accidents. Anyone operating a motor vehicle of any size can be considered responsible for damages they cause as a result of negligence or inaction, depending on the specific circumstances.

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Your Fort Valley truck accident lawyer can investigate the causes of the accident, file the claim on your behalf, negotiate with the insurance and lawyers of the defendant, and if necessary pursue actual litigation in court.

What Types Of Compensation Can I Receive?

You might be entitled to three kinds of compensation, being economic (lost income, medical bills, etc), non-economic (pain and suffering), and punitive (blatant disregard for the safety of others).

How Much Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

There’s no average that’s tracked across the entire state. However, truck accident claims can climb into the millions of dollars. Large trucks can weigh as much as 40 tons, and since they do more damage than accidents just involving passenger vehicles, the potential for compensation is much higher.

How much is a truck accident claim Worth:

Is There A Deadline For Filing A Claim In Georgia?

The general rule of thumb is two years following the accident that resulted in death or injuries. However, you might have less time if any level of government is the defendant. Consult an attorney to find out specifically how much time you have, but remember that the longer you wait to file your case, the harder it becomes to prove it.

How Is Fault In A Truck Accident Determined In Georgia?

Your Fort Valley trucking accident attorney will start by demonstrating to the court or jury that the truck driver had a duty of care to protect drivers and passengers sharing the road with them. Next, the legal team will show how the driver breached that duty and how it specifically resulted in damages to you and your family. Finally, the last part is illustrating why compensation and damages should be awarded at particular financial levels.

Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Prove The Truck Driver Was Negligent?

Evidence of negligence can be proved using many forms of evidence, including but not limited to witness statements, police reports, surveillance footage, driver records, expert testimony, lab testing, and recreations of the accident scene.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Parties that can be held liable for a truck accident include:

  • Truck Driver: Often the source of fault, but not always.
  • Trucking Company: Sometimes the trucking company is at fault or also at fault in more complicated cases.
  • Company Who Loaded the Truck: In certain instances, the trucking company and driver did everything right, but the truck was loaded incorrectly.
  • Vehicle or Parts Manufacturers: When necessary parts or components of a vehicle break down at the wrong moment, the results can be tragic.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are frequently caused by the following:

  • Driver Fatigue: Truck drivers work long hours, often very boring at that.
  • Distracted Driving: Trying to stay awake or focused isn’t easy, even for professionals.
  • Reckless Driving: Training and certification do no good for drivers who don’t stick with the rules.
  • Drug Use: Illegal drugs are an issue, but so too are many prescriptions.
  • Oversized or Improperly Secured Freight: Sometimes, drivers don’t know the danger in their trailers.
  • Poorly Trained/Inexperienced Drivers: The industry has a driver shortage, so some companies rush through drivers.
  • Lack of Truck Maintenance: Trucks not on the road don’t make money, so some companies cut corners to keep rigs running.
  • Equipment Malfunction: These can happen without warning.
  • Poor Road Conditions: No one can control the weather, but some drivers and companies make bad choices about when to drive.

A Fort Valley Truck Accident Lawyer is Here to Help

Driving on the roads of Fort Valley, Georgia is crucial to an active lifestyle. They take you to work, school, amenities, and family and friends, and then they take you home again. Driving is far safer than it was decades ago, but truck accidents can happen anywhere, day or night.

Being involved in a truck accident can be devastating to you and your family. However, we at Bethune Law Firm can help you fight for and win the compensation you need to restore your quality of life if a certain party is at fault.

Contact us right away at 1-800-465-8733 for your free consultation. If we take your case, we’ll do so at no charge. You pay nothing unless we win.

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