GSP Investigates Interstate 85 Accident That Sent Woman Over Bridge

The Georgia State Patrol is currently investigating an accident that sent a woman over a bridge near Interstate 85 in Atlanta. The Interstate 85 traffic accident happened on Monday afternoon, October 4th. Reckless driving and speed appear to have caused the incident.

According to a news report, the accident happened near the interstate and Plasters Road at about 4:05 p.m. The GSP said their preliminary investigation revealed a Chevrolet Camaro driver weaved in and out of traffic at high speed on I-85 just south of Piedmont Road. Witnesses told the state patrol that the Camaro was racing another vehicle.

The driver then struck a Kia Optima, causing the driver to lose control and enter the emergency lane. At that time, a woman was in a parked broken-down Chevrolet Cruz in the emergency lane. When the Kia struck the Cruz, it caused the vehicle to go over the interstate bridge. It landed on Plasters Avenue, near HERO headquarters. 

Medics conveyed the woman to Grady Memorial Hospital to treat severe injuries. The GSP charged the Camaro driver with reckless driving, too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane, improper lane change, and severe injury by a motor vehicle. There is no additional information about the Interstate 85 traffic accident at this time.

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