What Evidence Do I Need in a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case arises from car accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, medical malpractice, defective products, etc. There is unusually a victim and an at-fault party who would pay compensation to the former. The victim gets economic and non-economic damages covering medical bills, property damages, emotional injuries, etc.

Succeeding in a personal injury claim requires evidence. As a civil action, the evidentiary burden is on the victim (plaintiff), as the person who asserts must prove. So, it is crucial for injury victims to know the evidence needed to prove their claim.

Since injury cases often leave victims physically and emotionally destabilized, hiring a personal injury lawyer is best. Attorneys know the evidence needed to prove a claim and will help you gather them. However, our injury attorneys at the Bethune Law Firm will cover some of this evidence in this article.

What Evidence Should You Have in a Personal Injury Case? 

When embarking on a personal injury claim, ensure you have the following documents:

Police Reports

Police reports are public records that everyone can access once they follow due process. For instance, in a car accident, they are available to all the parties involved once completed. There may be more than one police report depending on the number of responding law enforcement agencies and officers. So ensure you get all the copies.

If accident reconstruction experts responded at the crash scene, you should also secure their report. Note that police reports are critical evidence. However, they are not always conclusive. So, if you believe something is missing, you can contact other labs and agencies the police worked with.

Witness Statements

These are the testimony of people who witnessed the event that led to your injury. They are individuals that have relevant information on the occurrence and usually are impartial parties. Depending on the accident types, different sources can collect witness statements. They are the investigating police officer or law enforcement agency, parties involved, or any federal oversight agency with jurisdiction in the case.

Victim Statements

Your version of the events leading to the event that caused you harm is also essential. It’s best to give your statement when the memory of the occurrence is still fresh in your mind. So, you should not delay giving your statement to the appropriate body. In addition, keep a journal where you document every bit of information from the crash date until the day you conclude the personal injury case.

Medical Reports 

A medical report is a vital evidence piece because it shows two things. Firstly, the extent and the severity of your injury, and the second, the amount of money spent getting treatment. Medical evidence also shows whether you’ll need future treatments like surgery, therapy, or medical equipment and the estimated cost. If possible, get a medical expert to show how the injury impacted your life and whether or not it will continue to do so.

Video or Photography

If you were in a car accident, you need photos and videos of the crash scene to prove you were not the one at fault. In many locations in Georgia, cameras are capturing any events taking place. So, you can ask for them or get the copy the police have to prove your case. After the accident, you can take pictures if you feel up to it or ask the police for their copy. The snaps show the point of contact and help you show where the other vehicle struck you.

Record of Past Violations and Safety Concerns 

Suppose a negligent doctor caused your injuries. Then, you can research records of medical malpractice claims against them. Similarly, if you slip and fall on premises where you were a legal visitor, you can investigate to see if there had been any safety concerns before your accident.

In the same vein, past traffic violations by the fault driver in an accident help show the danger they pose to road users. Again, you can present these facts during the personal injury case hearing. They help establish a history of negligence and increase your chances of getting the maximum compensation.

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