The Common Occurrence of Insurance Company Claim Denial

The reason you pay an insurance company to cover your car is to protect you in case you get into a car accident. If someone else crashes into you, there’s no reason why their insurance shouldn’t pay your claim. Every now and then, however, you wait and wait only to find out your claim has been denied. This can be extremely frustrating. Atlanta car accident attorneys meet with clients all the time whose claim has been denied.

Sometimes, the worst part about having your claim denied is that the insurance company doesn’t give you a reason. They may check off a box that gives you a vague idea why it wasn’t approved. They may say information is missing but they don’t tell you what information they need. You call and leave several messages for the adjuster. You hear nothing back for weeks. In the meantime, you can’t afford to get your car fixed and you’ve got medical bills piling up. That’s when you know it’s time to talk to an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney.

You Should Get a Letter Indicating Why Your Claim Was Denied

If an insurance company denies your claim, they have to give you a reason why. Sometimes the reason is simple. You may have forgot to send in a copy of the police report. Maybe they never received a copy of your mechanic’s estimate. These things are easy to fix. It becomes a problem when they deny your claim because they think you caused the crash. This is when you know it’s going to take a lot more than a phone call to get things straightened out.

Once you have your denial letter, you want to forward a copy to your Atlanta car accident attorney. They can review the denial letter and reach out to the insurance adjuster. They’ve spent years developing relationships with these people. They know which ones are easy to work with. They also know which ones like to make life difficult for you and your attorney.

It May Be a Matter of Your Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Filing Additional Paperwork

If your claim was denied for clerical reasons or another technicality, your Atlanta car accident attorney may be able to resolve it quickly. If it was denied for another reason, you may be in for the long haul. Some of the other reasons why they may have denied your claim include:

  • They believe you caused the crash
  • The policy was invalid or had been canceled
  • The person driving the car didn’t have permission to use the vehicle
  • They don’t believe that you were hurt
  • You have a history of filing auto claims
  • Your claim is large, and they think they can settle for less if they fight it

Now, if the claim was denied because the policy wasn’t valid, there’s nothing anybody can do. An insurance company doesn’t pay claims on invalid policies. But if it was for any of the other reasons listed above, you may have no choice but to file suit. This is a worst-case situation. The good news is that your attorney has plenty of experience handling these types of cases.

If the Insurance Adjuster Thinks You Were at Fault, You May Have to Sue

When two people get into a car crash, they’re both going to point the finger at the other person. Nobody is going to admit they caused the accident. This wouldn’t be smart. Once they admit liability, they’re on the hook for damages. They may be nice and offer to pay for any damage. Then, when the police arrive, they change their story. This happens a lot more often than you’d think.

If this happens, you’re probably going to need to sue. Your Atlanta car accident attorney will file a complaint in your county. The suit will name both the driver and their insurance company as defendants. From there, any number of things could happen. Ideally, the insurance company will call your attorney looking to settle.

Talk to a Skilled Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Sooner Rather than Later

Ideally, your insurance claim will be paid, and you won’t have anything to worry about. If things don’t work out this way, you may need to call an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney. They’ll work hard to settle your claim so there’s no need for legal action. If not, they’ll do what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.