Semi-Truck Driver Charged After Duluth Multi-Vehicle Crash

The police responded to the scene of a Duluth multi-vehicle crash after receiving multiple calls from witnesses who reported seeing a semi-truck crash into the back of one vehicle and then take off, on May 4. When the police arrived at the scene, they found not one but two separate accident victims.

Apparently, a man driving a semi-truck was traveling along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Tuesday morning. They were driving behind another vehicle and both drivers were stopped at a red light at the intersection of Peachtree and Pleasant Hill Road. When the light turned green, the truck driver smashed directly into the back of the passenger vehicle.

After hitting the vehicle, the trucker proceeded to speed up, continuing to push the other car. It ended up sending the car directly into a second vehicle. Both victims confirmed that the man driving the semi-truck did a U-turn and then sped off in the opposite direction.

One of the witnesses decided to follow the tractor trailer as it fled the scene of the Duluth multi-vehicle crash. The trucker drove to a local restaurant not far from the scene. The same witness who had followed the suspect called 911 and let them know where the trucker was. The police arrived moments later and arrested the driver.

Henry Cain, the man driving the tractor trailer, was still at the restaurant when the cops arrived. He was arrested and charged with hit and run, reckless driving and following too close. The cops also confirmed the man’s truck had clear front-end damage and paint chips from the vehicles he hit.

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