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Have you or someone you love been involved in a car accident? Have you been involved in a truck accident? Have you lost someone you love due to another party’s negligence? Well, you need to work with the best Alpharetta personal injury lawyers at Bethune Law Firm. Call us now and get a free initial consultation for your personal injury case. Call our personal injury firm at 4048757800 to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your claim.

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What Should I Do After An Injury?

If you or someone you love has been involved in a personal injury, you need to do the following things immediately.

Get Medical Treatment

First, you need to get medical treatment for your injuries. If there are first responders to the scene of the accident, you can get emergency medical attention. You can also visit the hospital and get properly treated for your injuries. Keep all the records of your treatment.

Take Photos/Videos

After the scene of the accident, you need to take photos or videos of the whole scene. They will come in handy when your case goes to court.

Get Names And Numbers Of Witnesses

If there are any witnesses to the car accident, truck accident or wrongful death case, you need to get their names and numbers. That way, you can contact them later to give statements about the whole incident.

Report The Incident

If it’s a car/truck accident, you need to call the police immediately. Make sure the case is reported and note the officer’s name and badge number for a further follow-up. For workplace accidents resulting in personal injuries, you should report them to supervisors.

Don’t Admit Fault

Yes, you might be injured at the scene of the accident but you need to be careful about everyone you talk to. Don’t say you’re sorry or say it’s your fault since it will be used against you in the future.

Call A Personal Injury Attorney

Finally, you need to contact the best Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney. Bethune Law Firm should be your first call. We can help you collect all the evidence you need for your case effortlessly.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer?

You might be going through a hard time after a personal injury. That’s why you need to hire an attorney so you can claim your rightful compensation after the case. At Bethune Law Firm we are ready to help with your case. Here are a few reasons why hiring us is a good idea.

We Can Help With Filing A Lawsuit

With everything you are going through after a car accident or truck accident, you might be in the best frame of mind to file a lawsuit. You need to call us now so we can help out with filing your case. That way, we can guarantee that you receive your rightful compensation.

We Can Help With Settlement Negotiation

If you have never come face to face with the other party involved in your case, you might be afraid of doing it. Well, with our experience in handling personal injury cases, you can rest assured that we can negotiate the best settlement for your case effortlessly. We are here to help so let us get you enough money to handle your medical expenses.

Review your claim with an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer.

Trial Preparation And Proper Representation

If your case ends up in court, you need the best trial attorneys by your side. We have handled numerous trials for personal injury cases in Alpharetta and we are here to help. We can present the evidence in court effortlessly and ensure that you win your compensation without any hassles.

Call us now and get a free initial consultation for your personal injury case in Alpharetta.

How Is Liability Determined?

In Alpharetta, Georgia, comparative negligence is used to determine liability in a personal injury case. Here, plaintiffs are allowed to recover even they are partially at fault for the accident resulting in the personal injury claim. Damages will be reduced by the percentage of fault but shouldn’t exceed 50%. If there are several parties involved in a personal injury case, determining liability can be tough. That’s because there will be more than one party held responsible for any injuries or wrongful death resulting from the accident. Call Bethune Law Firm today and we can help you receive fair compensation for your accident in Alpharetta.

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim In Georgia?

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Alpharetta, Georgia is 2 years. It’s prudent to seek an attorney immediately so we can start working on your case. Call us now so we can help you claim compensation to avoid being locked out by the statute of limitations.

How Much Will An Alpharetta Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

At Bethune Law Firm, we work on a contingency basis. It means that we will not get paid until you receive your compensation. Therefore, you can rest assured that we are working tirelessly on your case. We are focused and ready to make sure that you get enough compensation for your personal injury case.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases We Handle At Bethune Law Firm

We have been in business for a long time and have handled various personal injury cases at Bethune Law Firm. These include the following.

Car Accidents

Call us today if you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident and are looking to claim compensation for injuries or wrongful death.

Truck Accidents

In Alpharetta, truck accidents are quite common. If you are seeking compensation after you or your loved one has been involved in a truck accident, call us today for a free initial consultation.

Wrongful Death

Have you lost your loved one because of a car accident? Call us today and we can help you file a wrongful death claim to recover compensation because of the negligence of the other party.


If you or your loved one has been involved in a personal injury situation, you need the best attorneys by your side. We are here to help with the legal process. We can make sure you receive enough compensation for your injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one. Call us today and get the best legal help for a personal injury case at Bethune Law Firm in Alpharetta.

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