One Dead in 18-Wheeler Accident in Bibb County

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a traffic accident that happened early Friday morning, January 14th, on Interstate 475 southbound. The accident in Bibb County involved an 18-wheeler and a passenger vehicle. The cause of the accident was not immediately available. 

The two-vehicle collision occurred near mile marker 12. The sheriff’s office received a call about the accident around 5:13 a.m. When they arrived at the crash scene, they found the 18-wheeler on its side on the roadway and a damaged single passenger vehicle. 

The preliminary investigation revealed that the 18-wheeler was southbound when it struck the passenger vehicle, jackknifed, and slid off the roadway on its side. The truck driver died from injuries sustained in the occurrence. The Monroe County Emergency Services said the driver died at the crash site. 

The passenger vehicle driver sustained minor injuries and received treatment at Navicent Health Macon. The 911 call made to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office indicated that the passenger vehicle was disabled and sitting in the far left lane of the interstate when the accident in Bibb County happened. However, it is unclear if the car had been moved to the emergency lane at the time of impact. 

In a two-vehicle collision, there is a fault party and a victim. Under Georgia law, the fault party compensates the victim for their injury and other losses. However, there are times when the victim’s actions might have contributed to the accident. 

In such an instance, the comparative negligence rule comes into play. Under this law, a victim’s compensation is minus their fault percentage. So, while they will get a settlement, it would not be the same amount they would have received if they did not share the blame. 

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