Woman Injured in Athens Multi-Vehicle Crash Dies

A woman who sustained severe injuries in an Athens multi-vehicle crash on April 26 died on Monday, May 10, according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. The woman was identified as 72-year-old Martha Wood.

Police said the accident in which Wood was injured was the 10th fatal crash in Athens-Clarke County this year. The crash happened along Atlanta Highway not far from Fowler Mill Road. By the time the cops had arrived at the scene, there were three cars along the side of the highway. All of them had clearly sustained physical damage.

The drivers of two of the three vehicles were able to tell the cops what happened. Apparently, a woman driving a Ford Edge was driving on Atlanta Highway when, out of nowhere, she lost control of her vehicle. The woman was later identified as Wood. According to the police, Wood left her lane and ended up side-swiping another car. After side-swiping that car, she ended up smashing head-on into a third vehicle.

Wood was a resident of Athens, Georgia. Nobody else was in the car with her. The reports indicate that the other drivers were injured but nobody else suffered any major injuries.

The other drivers involved in the Athens multi-vehicle crash are the ones who relayed the story to the officers on the scene. Nobody knows what caused the woman to lose control of her car. There was no indication that she was intentionally changing lanes. There is also no explanation for why she sped up after side-swiping the first car. When her Ford Edge hit the third car head-on, it caused enough of an impact that she suffered fatal injuries.

Depending on the reason why Wood lost control of her vehicle, her family may have a potential claim for wrongful death. The other drivers may also have a claim against Wood’s estate. If you’re hurt in any sort of motor vehicle accident, make sure to call a Georgia car accident attorney right away.

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