Traffic Wreck on Eisenhower Parkway Critically Injures Two

Two people were critically injured following a traffic wreck on Eisenhower Parkway in Bibb County. The crash occurred on the night of Friday, August 27th. The cause of the wreck on Eisenhower Parkway is unknown at the time of this report.

However, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office stated that just before 10 p.m. on Friday, a Kitchen’s Towing Wrecker was eastbound on Eisenhower Parkway. The vehicle then struck a car making a left onto Brad Walsh Parkway from Eisenhower Parkway. The wrecker driver, identified as a 31-year-old man, suffered injuries, and medics conveyed him to the Medical Center, Navicent Health.

The 37-year-old male driver of the struck car and his 21-year-old female passenger suffered severe injuries. Medics conveyed them to the same hospital where doctors listed them in critical condition. The accident remains under investigation, and anyone with information should call the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at 478-751-7500.

Traffic collisions happen when road users least expect them. They can occur in transit, while in slow traffic, or when driving through an intersection. Accidents often leave those involved on opposing sides: the side of the fault driver and the victim.

A driver’s action before the accident often determines whether they are the fault driver or victim. A fault party has liabilities, while a victim is entitled to compensation under Georgia’s fault system. To get compensated, the victim files a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance carrier. If the negotiation fails or the victim receives a low ball settlement offer, they can commence a personal injury lawsuit.

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