Police Chase Leads to Fiery Crash in Atlanta

A police chase led to a fiery crash in Atlanta, as this report outlines. An officer in Atlanta noticed a vehicle driving in front of him on Highway I-75/I-85 Northern split. The officer proceeded to follow the drive. The officer said this was getting increasingly difficult given the fact that the young man in the Porsche was doing 105 miles per hour m a 55-mph zone. responded to an emergency call Friday morning at about 2 am. The incident happened on June 4 on Piedmont Circle NE and Cheshire Bridge Road.

The officer attempted to pull the suspect over to no avail. The young man, Theodore Merchant, was a 31-year-old resident of Virginia Beach. Based on the number of accidents, it would be difficult to miss him traveling on the main thoroughfare doing over 100 mph. After the officer followed the driver down the exit, the fleeing suspect took off at over a hundred mph on a dirt trail.

The officer initially looked to pull the Porshe over, but the driver refused to stop. The police chase continued to follow the driver, but this didn’t last long. Shortly after exiting the highway, Merchant lost control of the vehicle leading to the fiery crash in Atlanta. Again, the officers attempted to stop Merchant. He took and ended up driving directly into a a building on the corner of Piedmont Circle and Cheshire Bridge Road.

One of the officers approached the car after the crash and noticed that Merchant appeared to be injured. Medical personnel smelled alcohol on or near the vehicle when they pulled the victim from the car. The driver was not seriously injured.

Several buildings were destroyed or damaged by the fire. The investigation is continuing. No charges have been filed yet. If you’re injured due to a police chase in Atlanta, make sure to call our office right away.

Source: https://www.cbs46.com/news/update-car-crashes-into-businesses-causing-massive-fire-driver-in-custody/article_dbe43e1a-c525-11eb-8b01-cf85aa5e318f.html