One Killed, Two Injured in Savannah Post Office Accident

The police in Savannah rushed to the scene when they learned that a car had driven right through the windows of a local post office this past weekend. One person was killed and two others were injured in the Savannah post office accident.

On Saturday, March 6 at about noon, an elderly woman was trying to park her car outside the post office. The woman was driving her Toyota Corolla and ended up hitting the gas instead of the brake. The 82-year old woman sped through the lot and ended up hopping over a curb. Her car continued to speed until it crashed through the window of an Eisenhower Drive post office.

At the time of the crash, there were at least two customers in the post office. There was also one employee. The rescue crews had to extricate all three victims as they were trapped inside the building.

The employee and one of the customers were all taken to the hospital. One was listed as being in serious condition. The other was listed as being in critical condition.

Sadly, one of the customers was also taken to the hospital but didn’t survive her injuries. 67-year old Jessie Allen died shortly after arriving at the local hospital. There has been no statement from her family as of yet.

The police are still investigating the matter but, so far, have ruled it as an accident. There are no charges pending against the driver as of yet.

The elderly woman who caused the crash was not hurt in the accident and did not receive any medical treatment.

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