One Dead, One in Custody After Douglasville Police Chase

One person was killed and one was taken into custody after a Douglasville police chase ended in a fatal accident on the morning of March 5.

The incident began when two young men were seen running out of a BestBuy store on Douglas Avenue at about 4:20. A female officer who had been patrolling the area at the time noticed them fleeing and gave chase. She had confirmed that the two men were wanted for theft and burglary from the major electronics store.

Both suspects refused to stop so the officer continued her pursuit. One of the suspects tried to flee the scene on foot and ended up running right into heavy traffic on Interstate-20. As he tried to cross the highway, he was hit by one vehicle and then was run over by a second driver. The man, whose name has not been released as of yet, passed away from his injuries. He was pronounced DOA.

There is no indication that charges will be pending against either of the drivers who hit the young man as he darted through highway traffic. Charges are pending against the suspect who survived the flight.

The second man continued to run but was apprehended shortly thereafter. He did not suffer any injury and was arrested and taken to the local jail. His name has not yet been released either. 

The road was shut down for about 4 hours after the Douglasville police chase to complete the investigation.

The man who passed away may have a potential wrongful death claim against the survivor. It depends on the detailed facts of the case. So far, there have been no statements from the victim’s families. That is likely why the victims’ names have not yet been released.

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