Atlanta Woman’s Damages Limited When Hit by Police Officer

Finally, this week, a woman who had been severely injured in an accident back in 2018, received her final settlement. The Atlanta woman’s damages were limited, however. Lisa Williams was traveling in the Northbound lanes of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard when a car ran the red light and smashed into her car. She soon learned that the other driver was a police officer for the City of Atlanta.

The crash happened more than three years ago yet the victim just now was told how much she would receive in a civil settlement to cover the Atlanta woman’s damages. Her settlement was for $500,000 but more than half of that was eaten up by fees and costs. As a result of the crash, she had to have her left arm amputated. Unfortunately, this means she is no longer able to work as a safety officer. That is the job she held and loved prior to the crash.

Of the $250,000 she has left; it will cost her $90,000 for her prosthetic and she owes another $39,000 to Grady Memorial Hospital. This won’t leave much, especially given that she may never be able to work again, and she’s been told by her doctors that she will have long term medical care.

The police officer who ran the red light and crashed into Ms. Williams was ordered to pay up to $200 per a month in restitution. She was also told that she cannot serve as a police officer for a period of five years. The attorney who represented the victim is asking that somebody challenge the laws in Georgia that limit how much you’re allowed to sue a member of law enforcement.

Deloira Phillips has avoided all jail time and was placed on probation. She has apologized to the victim.

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