Driver Crashes Into Apartment, Flees the Scene of the Accident in Cornelia

A reportedly stolen car crashed into the Cliff C. Kimsey apartments and then fled the scene of the accident in Cornelia. The incident happened on Tuesday night, January 4th. The cause of the collision has not been determined.

However, a news report disclosed that the car struck two other vehicles and a motorcycle before crashing into the building. A witness to the occurrence, Tyler Ridings of Baldwin, said the involved driver behaved erratically and fled the scene after the collision.

Riddings said the driver jumped out, entered another vehicle, and took off. The Cornelia Police and the Cornelia Fire Department responded at the crash scene, but they could not locate the driver. In addition, they did not release any additional information about the accident in Cornelia. But there were no injuries recorded. The investigation remains ongoing.

Motor vehicle accidents are famous for the devastating wrecks they are. An accident does not only harm the person that causes it; it affects other drivers. Depending on the collision’s impact and location, the crash could also destroy personal property.

In either case, Georgia law allows the victim to file a compensation claim against the fault driver. This happens through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. In either case, the victim gets economic and non-economic damages if they win. This usually covers medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc.

If the accident only caused property damage, the owner will request compensation for the property value before the accident. For example, if the crash only damages a car, the at-fault driver will pay the car’s value before the crash. While this sounds easy, insurance companies make it difficult.

Hence, accident victims should always work with a Georgia car accident lawyer. Contact us at Bethune Law Firm for more information.